So, here you are, with a new alien, staring a little blankly at the thieves, rogues, thugs, and worse - bankers, politicians, and salesmen. How will you possibly survive here?

Fear not! Help is at hand. First thing you do, is visit the welfare office. Here, a check will be issued each day for your first thirty days. Then, you take this check over to the employment office and cash it. Put that cash in a safe pocket. Or better yet, just hand it to me. I'll keep it real safe for ya! What? no? Well, yes, the bank could hold your money as well, and there's always the stock market or bonds.

What? Work? AhahahahahahahahahahahAHAHAHAHAHAHhahahah.

You're serious? Oh. Um, okay. Yolu could head over to the pit. First you gotta visit the miner's camp store for some essentials, then go on down to grain storage and get digging.

What's that? Mining is fine and all, but you don't like the underground, what with cave-ins, and dust, and hoboes playing dice wit rats? Well, I guess farming is LIKE mining. Sort a'. The Fields of Gold is where you want to go. Head over to the general store, get yourself some equipment, and head out to the fields to raise plants, or to harvest some cows for their sweet, sweet leather.

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