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What is AlienAA?[]

The Alien Adoption Agency (commonly referred to as AlienAA or A3) is an online browser-based game currently owned by S3 Studios in which you take the role of an Alien living in the city of Novigrad. Aliens can interact with each other through QuickPosts (private messages), Message Boards, or Chat Rooms (Town Hall), or even create and join Guilds which can range from close-knit communities to vast organisations with as much or as little infrastructure as required.

The City of Novigrad as of 22-08-2013

Aliens can battle each other using a wide range of weapons and armour, and train to increase stats at the Galaxy Gym. If battling other Aliens isn't for you, there is also a Merchant's Guild which renders you unable to attack or be attacked, allowing you to focus amassing wealth in a non-violent manner.

Several 'career' options are available from Horticulture, Thievery and Mining to player-created industries such as designing custom Alien costumes or attacking other Aliens for a fee.

The game is currently in open Beta, with anybody able to create an account, although some older accounts still exist from before the games previous closure. Many parts of the game are still being re-created due to an incomplete database download.

Latest activity[]

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