Downtown is where you'll spend a fair chunk of your time, either pumping iron at the Gym, picking herbs or trying to rob the Bank.

Ukusan GardensEdit

The Ukusan Gardens allow you to pick herbs, dependant on your Horticulture study level.

Hall of GuildsEdit

The Hall of Guilds allows you to peruse the list of current Guilds in game, providing links to them all, where you can apply for any that might be accepting.

Merchant's GuildEdit

The Merchant's Guild allows you to play A3 as a noncombatant, removing your ability to battle (or be battled) or train at the Gym. In exchange, Marketplace ads cost less and remain for longer, and your trades-per-day is increased. Merchants also cannot order hits on other players.

Bank of WebbyEdit

The Bank of Webby of where your credits go when you're not using them. The Bank keeps them safe from thievery during battle, but without a BOW card you'll have to withdraw the money before you spend it.

Barry's BondsEdit

Barry's Bonds allows you to deposit money for a bond for a period of time and recieve it back eventually, plus some. Up to 10,000,000 credits can be deposited at a time, for 30 days (1.75% return), 60 days (3.75 return) or 90 days (6.00% return)

Stock ExchangeEdit

The Stock Exchange is currently out of service, but you'd imagine it had something to do with buying, selling and trading stocks.

Galaxy GymEdit

The Galaxy Gym is a vitally important part of the game, unless you're a coward Merchant. Here you trade Motivation for stat increases.

A Step UpEdit

A Step Up is currently out of service. It deals with obtaining and furnishing a house.

Raffle HouseEdit

The Raffle House is currently out of service.

Biggins WinninsEdit

Biggins Winnins is the Novigrad Lottery. Tickets cost 1,000 credits each and there is no limit to how many you can hold.

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