Alien Adoption Agency Wiki

Government District[]

  • City Hall

    Novigrad City Hall as of 22-08-2013

The City Hall contains information about the game's administrative staff, as well as records of the games size, playerbase and activity. Also available here is Cryogenic Storage, which allows you to freeze your account for a period of time, preventing you being attacked or losing subscription time. The World Jail is also here, listing players that have been banned. 
Also included is the Finance Office, where players can donate to the game and purchase a premium subscription. City Planning lists the recent changes to the game, including bugfixes. Finally, the Game Laws list the rules of playing A3.
  • City Registry
The City Registry currently out of service.
  • Welfare Office
The Welfare Office will hand out a cheque each day, once per day, to be taken to the Employment Agency. The amount of credits awarded to you is based on your level. 
  • Town Meeting
Several different categories of chat rooms open to all players. Should you belong to a Guild, the Guild Chat will also be found here.
  • Executioner's Square
Play Hangman for credits. There are three difficulties. Easy, netting you 50 credits per win, Medium, which earns 100, or Hard, at 200 credits per win. There is no limit on how many rounds of Hangman you can play.