Here it is - Novigrad in all its questionable glory.


The city of Novigrad is the central hub of the game, providing access to the majority of the many different sections of the game. It is separated into multiple categories each containing relevant links. 

The City of Novigrad as of 22-08-2013

Government DistrictEdit

The Government District contains, most importantly, the Welfare Office (you money-grubbing hippy!) as well as other important links.

Financial DistrictEdit

The Financial District deals with mostly purchasing premium accounts.

Residential DistrictEdit

The Residential District houses (if you'll pardon the pun) the Post Office, Housing Complex and more.

University PlaceEdit

The University Place is usually frequented for the Webby U for studies. Also there is the bakery.

Fields of GoldEdit

The Fields of Gold is where you'll be wanting to go if herding space cows sounds like your kind of thing.

Market StreetEdit

On Market Street you'll find anything to do with buying and selling consumables, weapons and armour, clothing.


Downtown is a jumbled up mix of everything. Sort of like those cocktails you were drinking last night.

Red Light DistrictEdit

Is it shady? Yup. Should you be there? Probably not. It's the Red Light District!

Port AuthorityEdit

Most of the Port Authority is currently closed.

Industrial ParkEdit

The Industrial Park is where you'll find the ability to fabricate space ships, mine the Pit and mix up some chems.

City LimitsEdit

The outskirts of Novigrad, the City Limits are the home to the Wishing Well, the smokehouse and some devillishly delicious pancakes.

Old FortEdit

The Old Fort handles training, battling in the Clearing and buying Weapons and Armour.

Strip MallEdit

If it costs too much and has literally zero use, you'll find it in the Strip Mall .


Novigrad was previously named Georgetown.

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